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For years our ancient heritage and culture had been neglected and almost forgotten, but there has been a churning in Indian society in the past few years. Indians and Hindus in particular, have begun to search for their roots, their history and their glorious past.

Today there is an increasing thirst for understanding who we are and exactly where we come from. What were our true traditions and beliefs? We attempt to understand the spirituality that our sacred land is known for. We hope also to connect with our ancestors who lovingly left a treasure of wisdom for us to cherish, celebrate and preserve. This knowledge is the most precious to us, as from it stems, our own historical and cultural reality.

So, when we reclaim our thousands of mandirs, we don’t just acknowledge our ancient architectural brilliance and capability... but as we do so, we also reclaim our rich spiritual knowledge, our heritage, our traditions and our ancestors. In a way, we reclaim ourselves.

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