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Reclaim Temples

ReclaimTemples is a movement to throw light over the ‘dark ages’ that our nation went through. For years our land and culture was plundered and pillaged. It is important for the truth to be told. But that is not all that we hope to do. An equally important area of our interest is to revive worship in the destroyed Hindu temples across Bharat. We plan to do so by following a multipronged approach.



We are aggressively promoting research into the history and architecture of Bharat. Our objective is to publish books and research papers.

Heritage Activism

We are partnering with local societies and various other entities to collate projects history, collect temple data, rebuild our heritage structures and set up systems to maintain them. In other words we are forming heritage teams in districts across Bharat to facilitate participation of general public in preservation and rebuilding of the heritage monuments.


We are running campaigns to publicise the status of heritage monuments across Bharat and nurture the demand for its revival.

Mapping the Heritage

We have undertaken the mapping of heritage monuments across Bharat. So far we have completed the mapping of 3600+ monuments under ASI supervision.

Rebuilding Temples

Currently we have a project in Malappuram district of Kerala under which we plan to rebuild 300 Hindu temples which were destroyed during invasions and riots.


We make targeted legal interventions for Heritage, for evicting encroachments and for correcting historical injustices. In this section you can get information on the details of the various cases and our progress.